Because of the unique applications enabled by Unified Communications, educational institutions around the country are revolutionizing communications, enhancing safety, increasing collaboration, and saving money by deploying VoIP services through Affiniti.

Since 2001, Affiniti has been an industry leader in connecting the K-20 market with advanced broadband networks. With the increasing presence of technology in the classroom and greater demand for online education and access to online content stores, students without scalable broadband connectivity risk falling behind. Affiniti aims to ensure that all students, regardless of whether they are in urban or rural areas, have equal access to technology in education as it evolves.

Dynamic applications that enable remote learning, dispersed classroom collaboration and integration of digital content into everyday classes has dramatically increased the requirements of today's educational networks. Affiniti’s experience in the K-20 market and our state-of-the-art service to schools enables distance education, high speed Internet, collaboration and improved content and curriculum delivery to the modern classroom.

Case Study: Affiniti powers the remote classroom

Case Study: Affiniti Increases Time On Task While Lowering Costs